About Us

I am Edijs Kauliņš, the owner of Manful.

What is the Idea of Manful:
The idea of Manful arose at the end of 2018. By that time, I used and tried different beard and face products, however, I was never completely satisfied with the range and content of the offered products. Many face products contain various chemical compounds that can adversely affect human health and look. Therefore, after graduating from a business faculty I decided establishing my own company and create quality body and face products with natural raw materials. My family greatly contributed to this idea. We have always believed that it is important to live healthy and choose body care products of natural ingredients. I successfully cooperate with a well-experienced cosmetic manufacturing specialist who allowed us developing product recipes. The specialist, with more than 10 years of experience in production of cosmetic products, approved that these products can be made of natural ingredients, helping in implementation of my idea by supporting me with the required knowledge in the field of cosmetics.

We started working on product recipes and testing. It was important for me that the product ingredients are natural and of quality. Product quality of Manful is proved just by its ingredients.

Our objective:
Our objective is creating as many products for men as possible, for all types of skin. The product range of Manful is meant for various types of skin such as dry, sensitive, oily, mature, and also normal skin. We are here to help you feel good, fresh, and healthy!

Our values:
Contents and quality of the products are our key advantage. We only use natural ingredients, and high-quality essential oils are added to our products as one of the most important ingredients since each of them have specific features and role when taking care of beard and skin. The greatest values of Manful — a reliable product, healthy look, professional service, and satisfied customer.

Our slogan:
The slogan of Manful, “Be The Inspiration”, is a reminder and incentive for men to be powerful and not to be afraid of body and face products or worry about opinion of other people. Let us take care of our body, face skin, and beard and inspire other people to use the cosmetic products for men.

Good to know:
MANFUL was established in one of the earliest inhabited places by the river of Daugava, in Lielvārde, Latvia. The products of Manful are 100% handmade, and each of the product is produced individually and in high quality. Our products have many versatile natural ingredients obtained from fruit, plants, wood, peels, leaves, buds, roots, flowers, seeds,  pods, and other ingredients of natural origin. The products of Manful do not include the raw materials from animals, thus, the products can also be used by vegans.

We are proud of our created products!

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